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10 Diet Myths That Have the Risk of Gaining Weight

Many myths of weight loss are circulating among the people. Starting from avoiding carbohydrate consumption which is said to make the body fat, to skip breakfast or dinner for weight loss. Some of the myths of diets that are not true, actually risk causing weight gain Come on, find out the facts behind the diet myth that is not true. If all this time you believe that to lose weight it is necessary to avoid fat intake, resist hunger, or excessive exercise, then you need to listen further to the explanation behind the myth. Remember, not all information circulating is proven true. Ensuring the Myth of Losing Weight Still confused whether your weight loss information is true or just a myth? Here are some of the myths of weight loss that are popular among the people, along with the facts: 1. Carbohydrates cause body fat This myth is not entirely true, because if consumed in the right portions, carbohydrates will not cause obesity. You just need to sort out wisely the types of carb
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Let's Get Ready to Provide the Right 1 Year Baby Food

1 year baby food is more varied. At this time, babies can switch from breast milk to cow's milk. You can even give a variety of solid snacks to the Little One. Although 1-year baby food choices are more diverse, it is recommended not to give low-fat milk to babies. At this age, babies need additional fat intake to support their brain growth. Therefore, it is important for parents to understand what nutritional needs that need to be met through food for a 1-year baby. 1 Year Baby Diet At the age of 1 year there will be many changes in your Little One's diet. This also relates to the weight of a 1-year-old baby who will grow very fast, reaching triple the body weight at birth. But after that, there is a possibility that the child's weight actually slows down and his appetite changes. Don't be surprised when you find your baby really likes certain foods at certain times, but becomes disliked after a while. Changes in eating patterns that may occur is during the day

6 Easy Ways to Maintain Foot Health

Maintaining the health of the foot is not uncommon to escape your attention. In fact, maintaining healthy legs is beneficial for overall body health. and there are various foot treatments that are easy to do. Conscious or not, foot health is important to support a variety of daily activities, such as standing and walking. Maintaining foot health can support your optimal walking activities. Various Foot Treatments Can Be Done Some of the problems that often arise in the feet are dry skin, blisters caused by ingrown toenails, and nail fungus infections. These problems can interfere with your overall body health, as well as your activities. To maintain a healthy foot and prevent foot disorders, there are six ways you can do it, namely: Keep your feet clean Cleaning your feet regularly with soap and warm water is a simple step you can take to maintain a healthy foot. Avoid rubbing too hard, because it can reduce natural oils from the skin. After that, do not forget to dry your